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Assignment 2- Marketing Planning Contents Contents 1 Introduction 2 Appendix 1 3 Appendix 2 4 Outcome 1 4 Changing Perspectives in Marketing Planning 4 Organisations Capability for Future Marketing Activity Planning 5 Techniques for Organisational Auditing & Analysis of External Factors Affecting Marketing Planning 7 Organisational Auditing and Analysis of External Factors Affecting Marketing Planning 7 Outcome 2 10 Main Barriers to Marketing Planning 10 Overcoming the Barriers to Marketing Planning 11 Outcome 3 12 Marketing Plan 12 Situational Analysis 12 Profit Potential 13 Marketing Strategy 14 Tactical Programs 14 Importance of Marketing Planning in Strategic Planning 15 New Product Devel


It also contains a brief marketing plan for a new product concept for Mc Donald’s. Also, a brief discussion regarding the ethical issues affecting the conception and implementation of marketing planning has been included in the concluding part. Appendix 1 Mc Donald’s is one of the leading retailers in food service and serves around 64million customers globally in 119 countries. Mc Donald’s entered UK in the year 1974. As of 2009 it has 1900 units all over UK. In 2011 its UK sales increased by a whopping 11% serving around 25 million customers. Their mission is to improve their service as well as the environment and build operations that are sustainable for the future market. ...
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