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Corporate Social Responsibility Plan Royal Dutch Shell Corporation Name Student Number, Year Level, Section Academic Subject December 3, 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Plan for Royal Dutch Shell Introduction In this paper, I intend to provide managerial directions for the corporate social responsibility (CSR) program of Royal Dutch Shell Corporation.


Then, I like to highlight the primary issues being raised by concerned stakeholders on how the company manages its carbon dioxide emissions in relation to climate change. In exploring this subject, I wish to shed light on the significance of creating a timely and strategic corporate social responsibility program that strengthens and nourishes the corporate identity and image of Shell. I like to end this paper by presenting specific executions for the CSR program. I. Company Background: Royal Dutch Shell Corporation As a corporation that positions itself as the “leading innovator for the energy future”, Royal Dutch Shell or Shell aims to maintain sustainable development by delivering its short-term and long-term business interests with economic, environmental, and social considerations (Royal Dutch Shell A, 2009). Through sustainable development, Shell believes that it is able to: firstly, govern the way it develops new oil explorations and projects on alternative energy; secondly, manage its downstream supply chains; and lastly, share its benefits to society by delivering quality products and by spearheading community projects (Royal Dutch Shell B, 2010). ...
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