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Case Study on Toys “R” US Japan Introduction Background of the case The fate of Toys “R” US Japan is encompassed by issues such as leadership, understanding cultural diversity and implementing effective communication across varying cultures. Toys “R” US is a market leader in its industry particularly in the United States.


Its expansion was not achieved overnight. It was able to experience challenges in times that it attempted to carry its strategic formula that it was able to successfully apply in the US retailing industry. In the US, its understanding about the market with customers who are after of the value they can get was able to inspire its discount formula. This made its fortune in the US retailing industry that it also envisioned to be achievable in other foreign markets. Toys “R” US evaluated the toy market in Japan and the result was promising. In 1991, Japan had higher spending for toys. In fact, it was the world’s second largest market for toys for that year (Spar, 1999). The case is pointing it out that the good opportunity for toy market in Japan may be due to small number of children within a family and a higher demand for excellence in the academe. Children in Japan are encouraged to be excellent in the academe and a way to motivate them would be to reward them with toys. Furthermore, parents can afford to provide more toys for their children. A less number of children in a family in Japan proved to be an important factor why parents can eventually provide for their children’s needs for almost everything. ...
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