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Marketing Executive summary Internet provides a global connectivity through computer network for various purposes at different sectors of the market. With the advancement of technologies various types of websites came into existence for the purpose of businesses from different companies.


Table of Contents Table of Contents 3 Introduction 4 Types of Websites 6 Comparison between B2B & C2C websites 8 Recommendation for improvements 12 Conclusion 13 Reference 14 Introduction In the year 1990 commercialization f the web began with the introduction of linking websites and the information by Tim Berners-Lee’s. With the advancement in the technological field more innovative approach came into play with the innovation of new hyper text transfer protocol (HTML). New browser was developed by the developers of them the most prominent one becomes Internet Explorer from Microsoft Corporation which gained popularity amongst the users. The major factor behind the rapid growth of the Web technology is due to the fall in price of computers and interest rate of the bank which increases the ownership of computers to great extent amongst the people. Different types of websites came into existence and increased at lightning speed from 19,000 websites to 176M websites just within a period of 18 years from 1990’s to 2008. With time and technological inventions better understanding of the web techniques and developers helped in better communication and user friendly design which created more attractiveness for the websites for different companies. ...
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