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Burberry had been producing some kind of quality clothes that were being worn by famous people with a prestige at the time of creation, and was soon established as business selling high quality clothes.


Then the beginning was good, and facilitated further purchase in also other countries of Europe and the world. As the phrase on finance says, “Capital is added to capital”. Then by raising its production, Burberry proceeded to more investments, being able to increase its profits, by keeping quality, starting to produce more items in a variety of goods, such s perfumes, and several kinds of accessories as well as increasing production variety of its initial goods. Then this gave Burberry the chance to expand to markets all over the world, and throughout year’s conquest the whole world, by multiplying its funds. Some other factors, like production of military uniforms, before the I World War indeed, contributed to creating some favouring circumstances for potential customers, that increased by the years. Also and most important, there have been some keen managers, really interested in the job, who also, managed to create a changing mentality of people and potential buyers, under the dominating scheme and emblem that not only prosperous and wealthy ones, should be able to have access to the wonderful and exceptional products of Burberry, but more or less any buyer of middle class should be able to afford Burberry’s products. ...
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