The Contemporary Issues in Marketing

The Contemporary Issues in Marketing Essay example
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One of the most fundamental roles of marketing within an enterprise is to ensure that the processes adopted by a firm succeeds in creating value to their customers, by meeting their needs.


There are thousands of books for marketing in the recent time, but do all of these books say the same thing in a different manner? Or these books are not at all applicable in the real life? Well, this paper reveals the major contemporary issues of these marketing books in a descriptive manner. The great virtue of marketing management is, that it is bound to change and evolve over time, developing newer strategies and theories which may benefit the marketing of products, and ultimately help in improving human lives in the process. Such improvements and evolution of marketing concepts and theories; play a key role in enhancing the quality of our lives by making more and more products and services accessible to us. However, marketing is a huge functional entity which comprise of various branches. The contemporary issues of marketing include the manner in which products and services are marketed, in an ethical manner and the use of technology as a new-age marketing strategy. This paper will discuss all the contemporary issues which are important to improve the product. ...
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