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Burger King Table of Contents Marketing Communication Planning Framework 3 Situation Analysis 5 Challenges Involved In Executing an Effective Viral Campaign 9 Repositioning 10 Appropriate Positioning for Burger King 11 References 13 Marketing Communication Planning Framework Marketing communication is considered to be an essential tool that an organisation utilises to convey wide range of promotional information to its target customers.


With the help of these marketing communication techniques a product can be expansively marketed and product consciousness may be generated amongst the public regarding the various aspects with regard to the product (Laitenen, 2009). The above mentioned tools may be used in segregation, but an organisation can get superlative advantage when these tools are used in a unified way to create impact among the target customers. Messages can be customer oriented or it may be related with the product but the basic underlining principle should be how to convey or deliver the message in the effective most way. Media may be further alienated into six chief classes’ print, outdoor, broadcast, in-store and other media class. Each class has a distinct media type, for example broadcast includes radio and television whereas print class has newspapers and magazines. The combination of the three elements i.e. the messages, the media and the tools is termed as integrated marketing communication (IMC) (Laitenen, 2009). Planning for the promotion is an indispensable management activity and it should therefore be developed within an appropriate framework. ...
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