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Plain English Movement Dear Ms. Allen, I thank you for writing to me and enquiring about plain English. I can understand your curiosity to know about the new movement that is going on for quite some time on the issue of using plain English in our formal and informal communication needs.


Some of the features that differentiate plain language document from traditional ones are: properly organized format, effective wordings, and simple sentences. Plain English (PE) offers several advantages to us over traditional form of English. PE gives information to the readers in the form that is easy for them to understand. It uses straight small sentences and commonly understood words. The core objective is to communicate with clarity and precision. The communication has been a necessity ever since people came on this planet. Hundreds of languages evolved over time for the needs of communication across different parts of the world. Many languages died down for the varied reasons. One of the prime reasons for the death of some of the established languages has been its complexities that are difficult to grasp by the masses. Sanskrit, the ancient language of India and the mother of more than 20 current Indian languages, is a glaring example that proves my point. The language died on its own and gave birth to several modern Indian languages. The question may come to our minds that why so it happened? The reasons are not far and wide. People naturally tend to choose a language for communication that is easy, simple, straight and concise. Precisely for these reasons, language naturally evolves over time to meet above criteria. ...
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