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Market Plan for Toyota Camry

This term paper describes Toyota Camry as a product of the Toyota corporation and analyzes it's marketing strategies that were used by the corporation to promote the product. Toyota Camry is one of the innovative hybrid vehicles of Toyota which brings excellent benefits to the company. Though Toyota faces many challenges in their business that were compared but they successfully tackle the challenges through good marketing research and strategies used. The researcher states that Toyota uses all possible efforts to make Camry as well as other products to become successful in vehicle industry. For promoting their products Toyota company use many sales promotion campaigns that were mentioned in the term paper with an aim to build and sustain good relationship with customers and clients. One of the benefits mentioned by the researcher was that Toyota provides free check up and service to customers and financial support from bank to help customers purchase car easily. Toyota also targets its customer by running advertising campaign on various automotive websites, that are perfectly designed and developed to create a great impression on the possible customer. Toyota had developed java–based advertising in the ‘Annual Nationwide Clearance Event’ in the year 2002. In conclusion, Toyota Corporation always tries to make certain creative design and use modern technology in their vehicle to influence potential customers to buy their products and make products by considering the needs and preferences of customers. ...
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This term paper describes a marketing plan creation process for Toyota Motor Corporation that includes itself as one of the leading companies in the international automobile industry. SWOT analysis, marketing strategies and models are presented by the researcher…
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