The Lowest Moment in Advertising

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Running Head: THE LOWEST MOMENT IN ADVERTISING The Lowest Moment in Advertising [The name of the writer will appear here] [The name of the institution will appear here] [The name of the Professor] [Course] Introduction It is a well-known fact in advertising and specially motion picture advertising that critics play an important role in the success of the movie at the box office.


While motion picture companies all over the world use this advertising tool to advertize the favorable reviews their movies received, Sony Pictures went ahead of the game. They invented their own critic by the name of David Manning and under this name wrote fake favorable reviews for not just the Knight’s Tale but also for Hollow Man, The Animal, The Patriot and the Vertical Limit (Lawrence and Webber, 2010). Sony Pictures Entertainment Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), formerly known as Columbia Pictures Entertainment was found in 1987 in California. SPE is subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America. Sony Corporation of America is further a subsidiary of Sony Corporation based in Tokyo, Japan. This multinational media conglomerate produces and also distributes motion pictures and television serials. SPE is one of the biggest media and technology conglomerates that provide entertainment in the form of movies, television, and technology to more than 140 countries around the world. It reported total revenue of more than seven billion in 2010 (Sony Pictures, 2011). Where Sony failed With an organization as big and as established as Sony Pictures, this kind of advertising was not expected. ...
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