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Article example - The Most Current and Significant Business Activities and Decisions as Related to the Marketing Management Function: WalMart

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Identify and examine the most current and significant business activities and decisions as related to the marketing management function. Short Overview of Article Basically, the articles seek to trumpet the fact that Wal-Mart Express will be opening new market stores in specific destination, common among which is Chicago…

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ferences in the choice of words and titles for the two articles, they all carried one theme, which was about the fact that Wal-Mart Express was undertaking a venture of opening new stores in Chicago that very year. When reported by a pretty new reporter, the theme remained the same and the choice of words were almost not different as the new reporter, (Jones, 2011) wrote in her opening lines that “The nation's first urban Wal-Mart Express is slated to open Wednesday on Chicago's South Side, part of a test that Wal-Mart Stores Inc.” Reading further, the reasons for the company’s decision to start stores in Chicago and other related destinations is given as that the company had long depended on foreign branches to fuel her revenue generation and that it now wanted to accrue some wealth right from home. ...
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