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STEEP Analysis of Apple Inc

Income distribution – Apple targets upper and middle class income bracket. The bulk of Apple’s customers are the middle class which is slowly shrinking in the US as income inequality continues to rise. Technological Spreading of and breakthrough in new technology – opening up of new markets and proliferation of mobile computing technologies in Africa Public supported R&D Projects – in the form of development and deployment of apps by the public for Apple’s growing brands such as iPad and iPhone Development in R&D – advancement in new computing paradigms epitomized by the growth of Cloud computing technologies New patents and products – especially in mobile computing Economic Unemployment is on the rise in Europe and the US, the two large markets for Apple. Private consumption and available income have gone down in both the US and Europe because of a slow economy. Effects of downgrading of US credit rating by Standard & Poor's rating agency could have a myriad of effects on the US economy such as warding off investors from buying U.S. debt which would increase the US’s cost to borrow money, and consumer interest rates on virtually everything (CNN wire staff, 2011, p. 5). Ecological Carbon credits – there is an increased focus by consumers on the overall carbon footprints of a brand across its supply chain. ...
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STEEP Analysis of Apple Inc Table ?1: STEEP analysis of Apple SECTOR CURRENT STATE Social Demographic – Apple’s key target market after its turnaround in the late 90s is Generation Y that is less religious, delays rites of passage into adulthood, driven by instant communication technologies…
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