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Business Challenges for Women in the US Military

Many women volunteered to Iraq and Afghanistan wherein there is no front line. In other words, they must be cognizant of the incoming presence of danger for their lives. Some women have died during the battle in Iraq; some were wounded, and others were taken as prisoners. They constantly battle against the terrorist and within the military forces. This paper aims to analyze the business challenges or issues that women faced in the military service. Gender Equality Women are perceived as weak both physically and emotionally compared to men. The ancient view of men varies on the traditional role of women to stay at home to take care of their family. However, women are striving to be equal with men. One proof is their will to join the military -- particularly the US Navy. In the US Navy, men do not trust women to handle physical pressure and their ability to fight. Owens indicates the limitation of women from “ground combat” (as cited in Smith, n.d.). Despite of the extensive physical training of women in preparation for war, they are still discriminated because of their gender. Men believe that women cannot carry heavy loads of ammunition and armaments. They should only limit these views to women who have proven their abilities to perform the task similar to their counterparts. Women should be acknowledged that they have the strength and potential to be in the military service. ...
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Business Challenges for Women in the US Military Introduction Women have been dedicated to aid military forces since 1775 as nurses that assist the wounded individual and cook for them. They played a significant role in committing their voluntary service in helping the armies during the era of war…
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