Identify the most Appropriate form of Market Research in a Given Situation and Implement that Research

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Identify the most appropriate form of market research in a given situation and implement that research Table of Contents Table of Contents 2   2 Introduction 3 Objective of Market Research 3 Market Research Process 4 360 communications and importance for its control 5 Changing Market Research for 360 Campaign 6 Effect of different market research campaign 9 Conclusion & Recommendation 9 Reference 11 Bibliography 11   Introduction Marketing research is the systematic approach to evaluate and analyze data for a target market and competitive market scenario and various other purposes.


This report is concerned with the finding of the appropriate form of market research for the new integrated marketing campaign strategy for a more effective understanding of the consumer who plays as the heart of the 360 marketing approach. Understanding the customer need and investing in the appropriate techniques of communication for better relationship with customer is the most important aspect to be evaluated by the company for effective and cost efficient approach to marketing. Objective of Market Research In regards to the above issue the main objective of marketing communication can be derived in a simpler way with the understanding of the customers as well as brand building through effective handling of knowledge and the people handling the process. The market research will help to find the effect of different market research technique used by the company to understand their customers and the effectiveness of the different processes. ...
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