Sony Challenges Marketing Essay

Sony Challenges Marketing Essay Essay example
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A. Environmental challenges that Sony faces Sony continuously conducts product researches making its customers constantly in wait for whatever new development it has and these activities primarily help it to be positively pushed to its competitive advantage.


Politics Under political factor, it is always common to look at the government’s conservatism when it comes to dealing with business. One perfect example would be the case of privitisation. In every government, there is always a strong stand on controlling the rise of certain organisation. In Japan for instance, various organisations are faced with remarkable challenges because the government is trying to protect the interest of small organisations in their respective industry. However, the ability of Sony to leverage its core competencies together with other organisation is a proof that there is always the right timing in politics. For instance, Sony’s intent to leverage its core competencies with a Swedish telecommunication company in order to beat Nokia resulted to the birth of Sony Ericsson. This joint venture is a remarkable proof that finding the right place for each organisation is needed in order to enhance its core competencies. This at some point has specifically involved the prevailing political stand of a nation which basically has great impact on the entire business process of an organisation. For instance, a government saying no to privatisation may significantly create an impact to those organisations planning to leverage their core competencies through it. ...
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