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Running Head: report Strategic marketing plan for Buxton Water [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] [Name of the Professor] [Course] Introduction Strategic marketing starts with strategic analysis of company’s competencies, vision and competitors in the market.


Following the vision and mission is the present market condition of Buxton, based on which are the marketing strategies and tactics. These marketing strategies will depend upon the current demand, rivals in the market, present customer perception and current market share. Vision and mission of Buxton water Buxton water aims to establish its natural spring water as an item which carries the same daily importance as bread and milk. Seen earlier as a premium product, bottled water should now be included in normal diet and water intake of people. Hygiene, purity and health should not be compromised with even abundant things like water. Present market condition Presently, Buxton water is sold under the brand name of Nestle which is renowned for its eatables and beverages. However, bottled water is something which still needs to be known to a majority of population who consider it as a luxury item. Especially in UK, masses are unaware of healthy hydration and rely on tap water. Buxton is continuously rising as a brand in UK but this is the time when it has to establish its name and brand to do away with initial competition. ...
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