International Market Entry and Development

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International Market Entry and Development Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Market Research Process 4 Product Adaptation & Approaches to Promotional Strategies 5 Strategic Marketing Planning Process 6 Challenges to Global Product Management and Branding 7 Conclusion 8 References 9 Introduction In today’s era of globalization, strong competition in business has equally assisted as well as called for a progress in terms of internationalizing the establishments or organizations irrespective of its extent of operation (Wood & Robertson, 2000).


This deficiency in groundwork is quite apparent in the decisive factors that are functional to differentiate the international markets in comparison to one another so as to decide on to enter the market of appropriate countries. The countries that are chosen for actions in the international business are mostly dependent on the factors of immediacy or personal choice in comparison to factors such as size of the market, pace of progress or convenience (Cateora & Ghauri, 2000). Choosing an appropriate country is given vital importance owing to the unfeasibility of trying to enter all the states and nations in a global context. This also involves monetary and supply limitations as well as the massive amount of probable hazard occurring from choosing a market that is poor (Alon, 2004). Market Research Process It is extremely crucial to conduct a thorough market research while entering in a new international market in order to assess the possible hazards in the foreign market. ...
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