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Running Head: IKEA MARKETING PLAN (Name) (Subject or University) IKEA Marketing Plan (Teacher’s Name) (Date) Executive Summary IKEA is a global leader in home furnishing. It has come a long way since it was founded by Ingvar Kamprad in Sweden in 1943. It remains to be the largest retailer of furniture in 267 countries worldwide.


A look into the present situation of IKEA is included in this plan along with other pertinent information that would help in deciding how to further develop the IKEA business, e.g., situation, product, competition and SWOT analyses along with the look into IKEA’s mission and vision and its financials. The analyses made in this plan showed that IKEA is indeed a strong brand to contend with and is capable of expanding and growing further. It offers products that consumers patronize and gives value to those products. Further expansion can be made and better plans for marketing the products of IKEA is currently being handled mainly through the use of technological advancement such as the use of the internet, phone applications and social networking. With all its achievements and with the goals it intends to achieve in the future, it can be surmised that IKEA has indeed achieved its aim of being a leader in its industry. Mission and Vision Statements IKEA started in Sweden and was founded on the concept that more people would afford well-designed and highly functional home furnishings at low prices. Kamprad is its founder and control the company through INGKA Foundation which has its headquarters in The Netherlands. The foundation owns INGKA Holding B.V., the company which owns IKEA. ...
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