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Pricing and Distribution in Marketing Decisions for McDonalds Co - Research Paper Example


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Pricing and Distribution in Marketing Decisions for McDonalds Co

This strategy of the company therefore allows it to offer prices in different denominations wherein it offers higher prices when any product is purchased in isolation however, the same is purchased in a bundle, McDonalds offer the same at relatively cheap price. Same strategy is also applied when a customer orders up-sizes of the order wherein order is upsized by charging very low premium. Pricing Strategies and Target Market McDonald essentially divides its customers in four broader categories and therefore designs its overall offerings in such a manner which can satisfy the needs of these customers. These four broader categories of customers include parents, children, business customers as well as the teenagers. Parents often visit restaurants in order to give their children a treat whereas children visit McDonalds because it is considered as a fun place to eat. Business customers prefer McDonalds because of the ease with which it can be obtained and without actually affecting the overall work hours. (McDonalds, 2008) Teenagers are often attracted due to the so called Savers Menu as well as the internet surfing facilities are offered within restaurants. This profile of the customers therefore suggests that McDonalds offers menus which cater to the different tastes and budgets of the customers. ...
In an industry which is de-fragmented, price cuttings often becomes a compulsion for the managers however, McDonalds seems to have been able to deal with challenge. (Florissen, Maurer, Schmidt,

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Pricing Strategy of McDonalds Co One of the key elements of pricing strategy of McDonalds is based upon the notion of delivering value to the customers. What is important therefore is the development of a perception regarding the overall value of the product in the eyes of the customers…
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Pricing and Distribution in Marketing Decisions for McDonalds Co essay example
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