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Marketing Plan for a New Restaurant Table of Contents Market for Restaurants in Buenos Aires 3 Market Segmentation 3 Target Market 4 Localization 5 Differentiating Point 5 Pricing 6 Advertisement 7 Promotions 9 Market for Restaurants in Buenos Aires Buenos Aires is the largest city of Argentina and thus provides with a very large market.


It is quite profitable to establish a restaurant in the area where this industry is actually flourishing. Buenos Aires has a large tourist influx each year. Not only are the tourist influx, but there several business people who travel to this busy city every now and then. The main concern for the tourists and business people from different parts of the world is the food that they will be getting in the foreign country. The marketing plan is basically for a restaurant that has to be opened in the busy city of Buenos Aires. The restaurant will be situated in the city of Buenos Aires and will provide with the high-quality food. It will not only provide with quality food but also with a place that will be full of comfort. In a hospitality industry servicescape plays a major role. It is the ambience that attracts the customers. It is the servicescape that helps the target market to relate to a particular restaurant or any other service industry. The new restaurant will be targeting the tourists and business people and also the locals. The target market is further discussed under the heading of the target market of the marketing plan. Market Segmentation For any industry, market segmentation is a really important aspect. It helps to make a clear map of the target market and helps to trace out those segments that can provide with the maximum profits. ...
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