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Table of Contents Introduction 2 The Role of Leaders 2 Trait Leadership 3 How Leaders Motivate 5 Types of Motivation 6 Motivating Employees 3 Fallout of Poor Leadership 7 Conclusion 8 Introduction:- In a highly competitive global business and sociopolitical environment, leaderships plays a huge role in drawing motivating responses that can trigger progress and growth for organizations and countries alike.


Gandhi, Abraham Lincon and Napolean are examples of great leadership that led their nations forward (Ricketts). There is however, considerable debate as to what constitutes inspiring and motivating leadership. The usual suspects are personality traits, which are further subdivided into five traits, nurturing, and training, environment and heredity (Maddock and Fulton). Some of the key ingredients necessary for leadership in the new age are vision and the ability to handle new situations and adapt aptly (Maddock and Fulton). Furthermore, the presence of charisma and a good feel elicits positive responses necessary to bring about change. While one may have the personality traits, he must also understand what motivates employees and subjects and how their motivation can be aligned with the goals of the organization. The ability to empathize with the employees is one of the key factors that determine the quality and success of leaders (Freeman and Stoner). While we shall discuss what motivates employees in detail, a key motivation factor is the kind of work they are doing. This is where the leadership’s role to identify what is best for each individual employee comes into play. ...
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