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Article Summary Abstract: The problem under study is the root cause and remedies for low income and income inequality related issues arising mainly from offshoring. The idea is to recommend measures for improvement. The paper written by Alan Blinder focuses on the existing problems associated from offshoring in the US labor market and its various reasons, implications and solutions.


The work of Robert Reich focuses on different reasons of growing poor and rich discriminations in the US. This paper identifies various reasons and discuses their further reasons and consequences. It then tries to evaluate some policies which are needed to prevent the unexpected situation of income inequality. And the last paper, Roger LeRoy Miller, Daniel K. Benjamin and Douglass Cecil Northfocuses on the various facts and figures of prevalence of poverty in the US and suggests several policies which are needed to be implemented by the government to restrict the situation. The problem of low income and income inequality mainly arises from offshoring and calls for appropriate policies from the side of the government Blinder: The main purpose of his work is to relate the concept of offshoring with the US labor market and to understand its problems and possible solutions and effects. The key question of this paper is how to prepare the future labor force of US in the face of rapid offshoring of US companies. Over the last few years the demand for labour has shifted from technologically low skilled, less educated people to high skilled and well educated people. This led to income inequalities in the US.Hence, policies were needed to be applied. ...
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