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Promotion in Marketing Table of Contents Promotion in Marketing 1 Table of Contents 2 Promotion Strategy for Wal-Mart 3 Advertisement of Wal-Mart 3 Promotion Mix of Wal-Mart 4 Wal-Mart’s Social Marketing 5 Promotion Strategy for Nordstrom 5 Advertising of Nordstrom 6 Promotion Mix of Nordstrom 6 Nordstrom Social Marketing 7 Promotion Strategy for Wal-Mart Promotion is the task of notifying, convincing and influencing the purchasing decision of consumer.


Wal-Mart seeks to attract the middle and low income group people. The brand sells itself towards consumer as much inexpensive compared to other brands. In advertising the key message of Wal-Mart is “We have lower prices than anyone else”. To promote the brand the company puts a high velocity product in a high visibility area in every division. It develops a perception that since the first product is inexpensive, the other products will be inexpensive as well (Zenith Management Consulting, “How to Exploit Wal-Mart’s Weaknesses”). Advertisement of Wal-Mart Wal-Mart focuses on advertisement through website and in-store TV Network. The in-store network displays continuous stream of product advertisement. Wal-Mart TV has almost 130 million observers which makes it the fifth biggest television broadcasting network in America. The network of Wal-Mart can be found in almost 2600 sites. The advertisers pay 137,000 USD– 292,000 USD to place a single business advertisement. The expense of advertising is based on the length and total stores where the advertisement will be displayed. ...
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