Supply Chain Information Management

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Supply Chain Information Management Table of Contents EBay As an Outsourced Network 3 Distribution Process 4 Drop Shipping 5 References 7 EBay As an Outsourced Network eBay can be considered as a website dealing with online auction, permitting the users to sign up with the site and thus be either bidder or seller.


With the rising complexity in the products/services, outsourcing and globalization have made the supply chain network complex as well. This has affected the risk, altering it and altering its location in supply networks1 It has been found that the company i.e. eBay is considering outsourcing of its business functions to Indian subsidiary. The functions that the company plans to outsource have been customer relationship management, network management related operations, trust as well as safety and product development which are quite significant for eBay2 It has been observed that in most of the cases the companies tend to make generally two sorts of mistakes in outsourcing. The companies tend to make use of outsourcing services too much and thus become dependent upon them. It has even been noted that a few of the companies try not to use the option of outsourcing at all even when the outside help is of considerable importance. In order to make its site available 24x7 eBay has attempted to distribute its functionality of auction so that if one server fails it does not impact the site completely. Distribution Process Text books can be reached at the doorstep from the publishers at times at half of the price. This is because of the physical distribution of the goods and services. ...
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