User Satisfaction about Mobile Phone Network in the East Midland Area of the UK - Literature review Example

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User Satisfaction about Mobile Phone Network in the East Midland Area of the UK

User Satisfaction about Mobile Phone Network in the East Midland Area of the UK

As a result of this, increased users are able to have access to the radio bandwidth in increased numbers. Nowadays, calls using mobile phones can be made in wider areas. Users of a particular service do not own the base stations and use the mobile phone inside a private base station’s range. There are hundreds of mobile phone networks in the East Midland area of UK. This has created a lot of competition for the new and emerging companies that want to establish their business in East Midland, UK. In order to gain competitive advantage, companies need to identify and improve their performance in the criteria according to which the users evaluate their performance. The area of East Midlands includes Derbyshire, Rutland, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, and Lincolnshire. There is a broad range of mobile phone networks functioning in the area that include but are not limited to Tesco Mobile, Pro Park UK, G S M International, CBS Mobiles Ltd., A1 Comms, 02 Store, Ace Connections, CRC Ltd., M-Viron, Fone Bitz Ltd., T-Mobile, Car-fi and M B C. Many of these are well-reputed companies that are known for the quality of their service far and wide. There is a vast range of mobile phone networks in UK that provide the users with a broad array of services and deals. Generally, all networks provide their users with good services, though there is disparity between the quality of customer service given by different mobile phone networks. ...
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User satisfaction about Mobile phone Network in the East Midland area of the UK
Mobile phones enable people to call using the radio link. In the past, mobile phones used to be quite weighty and were usually installed permanently within the vehicles…
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