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Assignment example - Marketing plan for the healthcare entity (smoking campaign)

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Marketing Plan Outline 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Purpose / Marketing Objectives 1.2 Background The Marketing Plan (Anti Smoking Campaign) 2.0 Marketing Summary 3.0 Situational Analysis 4.0 Marketing Analysis 4.1 SWOT Analysis 4.2 Methodology 5.0 4 C’s of Marketing 5.1 Consumer Wants and Needs 5.2 Cost 5.3 Convenience 5.4 Communication 6.0 Budget 7.0 Implementation /Action Plan (Preliminary Plans) 8.0 Discussion and Conclusion 9.0 Reflection on Customer Relations and Marketing 10.0 Key learnings from the literature 11.0 Relevance of literature to experience 12.0 Insights 1.0 Introduction Much has been said with regard to the essence of marketing…

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(cited in Barnes, 2001, p.71), marketing is a social, managerial process "by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want," through means of establishing and exchanging products and values. In the promotion of a campaign, specifically in a healthcare model, it is crucial to develop the most suited marketing plan. This task is certainly difficult to implement; the campaign itself must have substance in order for it to become known and influential. 1.1 Purpose / Marketing Objectives This hospital establishment has decided to launch a healthcare campaign that will target to ease the worsening of such a dilemma because of the increasing rate of patients whose sickness is primarily caused by smoking cigarettes. Using The SMART (Specific/Measurable/Attainable/Relevant/Time-Bounded) objectives, the management has formulated the following objective. The hospital's center for lung diseases, in cooperation with the management, will launch an Anti-Smoking Campaign to help lessen the detrimental effects of smoking, and spread the awareness on its potential health risks. ...
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