What Happened to Coca Cola? Company’s challenges of Coca Cola.

What Happened to Coca Cola?  Company’s challenges of Coca Cola. Case Study example
Case Study
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The paper discusses company’s challenges of Coca Cola. Diversity management has been one of the most striking issues of the company and in the course of time it is seen that the problem has deeply rooted in the Coca Cola Company.


Many challenges and company’s fiasco are caused by intolerant policy of the company directed on racial, gender or religious discrimination against its employees. On the example of Coca Cola failures on the basis of racial discrimination issues, it is clearly seen that careful and equitable attitude to all employees is a guarantee of the company’s success and a protection against company’s failures. What about diversity, Coke? A famous lawsuit in 1999, which accused the company of racial discrimination against black employees, even after a challenging resolution, resulted in further racial persecutions in the company (What Happened to Coca Cola? p. 264). It would be better for Coca Cola to prevent incidents of racial discrimination at work, because the major part of potential clients is ethnic minorities. Accoring to Joe Solmonese, President, Human Rights Campaign, “The Coca-Cola Company is a model employer for diversity and inclusion within its own work force and as a member of the larger business community. Its leadership on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality in the workplace is not only reflected in its long-standing achievement of 100 percent on the Corporate Equality Index, but in its principled support of anti-discrimination legislation that would protect every worker in the United States from being judged on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity” (Creating an inclusive workplace). ...
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