Marketing Communication and Branding

Marketing Communication and Branding Assignment example
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Marketing Communication and Branding Table of Contents Question 1 3 Question 2 4 Question 3 5 References 7 Question 1 Q.1. Communication objectives are the factors which support the organisation to move from the present position to a new and improved position.


Reposition the firm to an up market business news paper from an old news paper. The first objective would help the company to create awareness regarding the adventure tours among the adventure lovers within the eight weeks of the campaign that they have intended to launch. With the help of the second objective, the company would be able to introduce certain discounts or sales to attract the traveller in the time of downturn. The third objective would help the company to upgrade the status of the company, which would help them to get a competitive advantage in the declining market1. Question 2 Q.2. The Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is the process of building a proper link between the messages and the communication forms. Integrated marketing communication is a promotional tool of the marketing mix. Marketing promotion also involves marketing communications. Integrated marketing communication helps to get a better competitive advantage; it also helps to maximize the profit of the company putting less time, effort and cost. The SOSTAC model helps an organisation to plan an effective integrated marketing communication (IMC). SOSTAC model represents the factors related to the marketing plan, i.e. ...
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