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(Name) (Tutor’s Name) (Date) Brand Positioning Statement Brand positioning statements are the most effective way of succinctly describing the product to be launched in market. Sometimes, they are required for the expansion of the sales volume aiming at grabbing the attention of customers at a single glance.


This strategy of management evolved the idea of printing one-liners on the packing covers of different products set for sale. These promotional lines silently acknowledge the advantages with indications of different variable of purchase ranging from the name of the product to its value expectations. The statements pose implications of comparative references of the product with similar ones of various other contender companies and influence the buying choices made by the customer. These powerful but composed lines are beneficial to the company as it saves time of the sales executives in a busy environment while they provide for the independent choice of information search preferred by customers to hectic and stereotypic listening process forced on them. Successful descriptive has always enhanced the sales volume of many products; majority of them were one-liner tags that influenced people who eventually utter the taglines as they demand a new brand at retail sales spots. Most importantly, they assure the committed narratives of the product prior to the final choice made by the customer to buy it or ignore. However, brand positioning statements are the most visible logic that helps promote business and pose and intellectual domination of the product over its substitutes in the market. ...
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