Ethical Considerations in Leadership

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Introduction-Overview of the Organization Silver Line Company is a company that deals with the manufacture distribution of products made in US. I worked for this company for four months and therefore, I was able to encounter many ethical and unethical issues in the organization’s leadership.


His message was that, I should keep down my head and avoid drawing any attention concerning the problems that the company was facing in performance. The fact that the control purpose of the meeting was to be affected by the manager’s demand made me very uncomfortable. Covering up the problems that led to poor company performance worried me because this was very unethical. I was also concerned of being accused of things that the manager could not have told me, which could also be affecting the company. Despite these misgivings, I went ahead to attend the meeting, just to avoid being at loggerheads with the manager. On attending the meeting, I had to address issues concerning the company that I had no slight idea about. When I informed the manager about eh meeting and the questions asked, he was very angry at me, accusing me of betraying him. After a month, I was given notice concerning my job contract termination. A month later, I was fired with claims that I was a poor performer and could not meet the company’s expectations. This really discouraged me and to me, the manager was unethical in carrying out his duties. Problem Identification Real leaders consider doing the right thing irrespective of its consequences when faced by difficult ethical dilemmas (Kidder, 1995). Managers experience such dilemmas when caring out their daily chores as Greenfield (1991) says. ...
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