The Role of Consumer Behavior in Marketing Decisions

The Role of Consumer Behavior in Marketing Decisions Essay example
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Levis Strauss is one of the most successful apparel companies in the United States. The firm has a long history of service in the marketplace since the company was founded back in 1873 (Levisstrauss, 2011). One of the main marketing advantages of being in business for so many years is that the company has built a tremendous brand value over the years.


Your firm currently has on the table a project proposal for the introduction of a new line of men’s and women’s suits. The strategy despite moving away a bit from the traditional apparel products offered by the company is an excellent idea that can help the company increase its sales and profitability. After performing an internal assessment of the company and interviewing several key decision makers I realize that the project proposal is currently not being viewed as a good idea by a lot of members of the executive management team. The first reaction to the project by the executives does not surprise me since their opinions are currently based on resistance to change. Resistance to change is based on an attitude or behavior that shows unwillingness to make or support change (Schermerhorn & Hunt & Osborn, 2003). It is normal to think that selling suits might not be something the company should do since the firm has never done so in 138 years. The company cannot stay stagnant since in the 21st century product innovation has become a critical success factor. The introduction of suits has a huge market. The product should be introduced to target the upper middle class which composes 12.5% of US workforce (Udel). Most Levis products do not target this demographic class directly. ...
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