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Marketing on "Can/should Juniata College develop a master’s level program in leadership for non-profit organizations? " - Research Paper Example

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Marketing on "Can/should Juniata College develop a master’s level program in leadership for non-profit organizations? "

This information is vital in decision making as the sources will have firsthand experience of the market conditions. The views of prospective participants on such a program have to be gathered. Through this information the expectations and concerns of the target population must be analysed. Information that reveals the demographic, socioeconomic, and psychological and lifestyle characteristics of the target market needs to be gathered. This is necessary to understand the target market. Also data needs to be collected on the size of the market (population who will form the target market). The information collected needs to be interpreted in the form of statistical so that it will be more useful in decision making.
Secondary research needs to be conducted prior to primary research. Secondary research is collection of information or data from already existing research conducted by other researchers for other research. Primary research involves the collection of the information or data directly, particularly, for current research. The priority here is to first speak to the resources who are most likely to give the right answers to the research questions. These would be professors, experts in the field and the professionals who have attended a master’s level program in leadership for non-profit organizations. These sources will be able to give the most appropriate answers and the information will be accurate and reliable. Next, would be to target credible sources who are familiar, worked on and have a view on research objective. This would include past researchers, potential participants, professionals, etc.
Secondary data is the data that is collected for the research from the work of experts and other researchers in the field. Various sources of secondary data are dissertations/thesis, research papers of other researchers, electronic databases, books, ...
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It is necessary to get information from curriculum and syllabus of master’s level program in leadership for non-profit organizations in the various other colleges and university…
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