Key Events and Timeline of General Electrics

Key Events and Timeline of General Electrics Assignment example
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Electric appliances are making your life easy and washing machine is one of that appliances. The production of Washing machine is increasing and new structures in machines making your life easier and faster as well.


Data collected by State Information Centre for the sales of washing machine from January to October 2010, sales of domestic market shoots up to 25.17%. Increase in urban consumption is also emphasis. Consumption rate is drastically improved and future structures are under planning. Operational profit of GE Consumer &Industrial is 2.1% and revenue is 6.1%. They sell home appliances, industrial equipment and other services related to them (Brooks, 2009). General Electric Company or GE is a multinational company in New York, headquarter is in Fairfield. Company is providing their services in four major sectors. These sectors are Energy, Industry, Technology setup, Capital Finance and last but not least are Consumer.
According to Fortune ranking, GE in 2011 is the sixth largest organization is US and also ranked on 14th position for the most profitable setup. The other ranking of 2011 are Interbrand ranked them on 5thfor best global brand, Newsweek gives them 82nd position for green company, Fortune gives them a title of most admired one and kept them on 13th rank and Fast Company rate them as 19th rank in innovative company. In 1890, Edison General Electric Company comes in market by the owner Thomas Edison. In the same year Charles Coffin also host the flag for Thomson-Houston Electric Company. The increase in number of competitor introduces new patterns and strategies. ...
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