Value gap in the hospitality industry

Value gap in the hospitality industry Essay example
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CHAPTER 3: Methodology 3.1 Introduction This paper makes the use of both primary and secondary research. The aim of the secondary research was to provide a thorough understanding of the field, the current level of knowledge and what gaps there were. Of particular interest was the background information on the hotel industry and how it is affected by customer experience and customer satisfaction.


The literature review section (above) gives a detailed summary of the information that was obtained in the course of the secondary research. From this research two primary objectives for the study could be identified. These are: To evaluate the discrepancy gap between the customers’ expectations and perception of their overall experience with the offered service To identify the factors that enhance customer satisfaction in the hotel industry In order to investigate these objectives both qualitative and quantitative research were used. It was not practical to examine the hotel industry as a whole, an as a consequence four London based hotels were used in order to examine these factors. 3.2 Research Philosophy Yin (2003) considers two different methods that can be used while conducting research, either qualitative or quantitative. These methods refer to the way the researcher treats and analyses the collected data as well as the data itself. The qualitative research approach is less formal and based on unsystematic and unstructured observations. There is little to no numerical component of the research, and consequently it consists mostly of observations and can be difficult to analyse. ...
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