Marketing an Organic Bakery Using Sales Promotion Technique

Marketing an Organic Bakery Using Sales Promotion Technique Essay example
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Organic Bakery – The Idea:- Bakeries are high volume high demand business models that can persist despite severe competition within the same vicinity due to product and taste differentiations. The important challenge for owners is to market and sell their products to consumers before competitors capture the market.


The Marketing Plan: - While deciding the sales promotion technique, it is essential that a strong underlying marketing plan is in shape that guides steps towards achieving specific goals through sales. Few of the key strokes in making a successful marketing plan include:- Identifying Customers:- A demographical analysis of customers is essential to determine potential customers for specific varieties of products produced by the bakery. A customer demographic research to achieve the stated goal can be useful (Fullen and Brown). Studying Competition:- An essential determinant of the bakery’s success is to study the competition for products that exists in the vicinity. In case of an organic bakery, differentiated products can act as a major selling point and overcome competition. Furthermore, healthy and organic lifestyle promotion can also be of help. ...
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