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Author : kerlukegaetano


Introduction 3
Fashion Industry Overview 4
The UK fashion industry 4
Facts and Figures of the UK fashion industry 6
Research objectives 7
Motivation for research 7
Literature Review 8
Motivation for Research 11
Consumers in the UK and their needs 12

Extract of sample

Explain why you have selected this age group give reasons 14
Motivation for consumers to make a purchase 15
Influence on the consumer for buying clothing products 16
Methodology 26
Research issues 26
Research design 26
Data collection and analysis stages 26
Risks 30
Sampling method 30
Limitations 30
Time scale 31
Qualitative research 32
Quantitative research 32
Design of questionnaire 34
summary 36
Data Analysis and Interpretation 37
Conclusion 44
References 45
Appendix a-1 48
Consumer behaviour is all about the activities about attaining for personal use and disposing out the products or services (Blackwell & Blackwell 2001, p. 66). The UK fashion market is one of the dynamic markets due to the fact that it is a diversified market with various individual perceptions and attitudes towards brands and trends existing in the market (Keynote, 2008). The literature review of this study is all about the fashion that influences the purchasing decision of the certain age group in the UK. The next part of the dissertation is the research methodology, where the real research will be conducted by the mean of collecting primary data and then analyzing and interpreting it (Ochoa 2010). In the end, the risk and limitations of the research will help analyzing some of the constraints. As per a source, identifying risks and limitations help in drawing future constraints (Fashion Universe 2002, p. 2).
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