Organizational Profile Using Secondary Research Assignment

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Organizational Profile Using Secondary Research Assignment Table of Contents 1.0.Description 3 2.0. Industry Analysis 3 3.0.Organizational Analysis 4 4.0.Prominent characteristics of Nokia 4 4.1.Strengths 4 4.2.Weaknesses 4 4.3.Opportunities 5 4.4.Threats 5 References 6 1.0.


In 1871, the company was known as Nokia Ab. Nokia entered the telecommunication industry in 1981, with its very first mobile service named Nordic Mobile Telephone service (NMT). Nokia was the pioneer in introducing the first car phone to the telecommunication network. Mobira 450 car phones were introduced in 1982 and portable phone in 1986. To meet with the changing need of the customers in the era of innovation, Nokia came up with 3G (third generation) mobile in 2002. In 2007, the company was recognized as 5th most valued brand worldwide. This enhanced the goodwill of the company and its brand recognition to a large extent (Nokia, 2011). The very recognition provides the company with the stronger grip into the market. The mission of the company is simply “connecting people”. The company deals with mobiles and cell phones and enjoys market share of 31% internationally. The company also has an excellent team of skilful manpower. The HRD department of Nokia is very well developed (Nokia, 2011). 2.0. Industry Analysis The frequent changes experienced in the wireless telecommunication market have resulted in both challenges and opportunities for the companies operating in this sector. After an exceptional growth for over a decade, the telecom sector has witnessed many ups and downs. ...
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