E-CRM Platform Design and Implementation

E-CRM Platform Design and Implementation  Coursework example
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Running head: The E-CRM Platform Design and Implementation The e-CRM platform design and implementation Insert Name Insert Course Title Insert Instructor’s Name 25 September 2011 The e-CRM platform design and implementation Introduction The modern world is being characterized by use of computers to accomplish many functions and activities humans in different regions need to perform.


In many parts of the globe, use of internet or web-based sites to purchase or sell products or services is gaining momentum. For instance, there are many online retail businesses such as e-bookselling, e-tourism, e-fashion sale, and even e-transport. As the issue of online retailing becomes live in the 21st century, there is another issue of electronic customer relationship management (e-CRM) that key stakeholders have to grapple with. As a result, there is popular view that success of online retailing will result from effective establishment and implementation of e-CRM platform tools (Reponen 2003). Online retail industry Online retailing is a sector that many predictions points to its robust growth. The growth is associated with increasing use of computers in many aspects of the economy and the increasing social networking that is web-based. Heinemann and Schwarzl (2010) observe that the increasing utilization of the internet by many people across the world as an information portal and the subsequent movement of people to social relationships using the Web are likely to see growth of online retail. ...
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