A Kuwaiti Investor's Market Analysis of New York

A Kuwaiti Investor
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Student Professor Module Date A Kuwaiti Investor’s Market Analysis of New York The very first step for a new entrant into any industry especially for international investors is an intensive and extensive analysis of the potential market in terms of location, map, geography, population, culture, economy, politics, legal landscape and technological environment of the target country.


Cultural analysis of the State of New York: New York is arguably one of the most important and famous cities in the world and has been an important center of trade for numerous years. Geographically, it lies in the north eastern region of the USA, bordered nationally by the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Long Island and Rhode Island. It also shares an international border with Canada in the north (Sutcliffe 67). New York’s climate is described as humid continental with diverse weather patterns across the state and at different times of the year. It has humid summers and long cold winters. Two aspects describe the topography of New York; Appalachian highlands and low lying areas where the most important cities are. New York City is situated on the coastal lowland (Silverman et al. 2). The social description of New York can begin with the family setting where it is observed that nuclear families abound in the urban and suburban areas while extended families reside in the rural areas. ...
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