Nestle and the Global Issue of Water Supply

 Nestle and the Global Issue of Water Supply Case Study example
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Nestle and the Global Issue of Water Supply Add Student’s Name Add Course Name Add Professor’s Name Add Date Nestle and the Global Issue of Water Supply Introduction Nestle SA is a Swiss based company which started its business operations in 1866. The company produces a wide variety of goods and it possesses a number of popular brands such as Vittel, Perrier, Nescafe, Sveltesse, and Nestle Ice Cream.


This paper will identify the feasibility of social responsibility programs and the ethical elements to be considered while entering a new market segment. 1. The case study indicates that the Nestle faces a series of challenges associated with corporate responsibility while planning its international business expansion. Nowadays, a number of international organizations are working toward the protection of various human rights and environmental sustainability. As part of their global operational strategies, some organizations strongly argue that access to water is not a matter of choice; on the other hand, it is a basic human right which insists that water should not be bought and sold. Hence, Nestle considers water supply as one of the most serious issues to be resolved in relation to its position in the global bottled market. In order to overcome such issues, the company has recently planned several social responsibility programs in its marketing strategy. By practicing social responsibility programs as part of marketing strategy, a company can attain a number of potential advantages. Today, a company cannot continue its sustainably profitable operations unless it practices some sorts of corporate responsibility policies. ...
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