Marketing analysis of Bupa

Marketing analysis of Bupa Essay example
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Bupa is considered on the leading health care services providers in the world, operating in the United Kingdom, North America, India, China, Latin America and Saudi Arabia.


Bupa is the leading provider of private health care insurance and health care services in the
UK. Based on your assessment of Bupa’s intermediate and longer term Objectives, and an analysis of their business and marketing environment, please prepare a full Marketing Plan for Bupa. Your
Marketing Plan must cover all key elements including:
1. the corporate and marketing objectives
2. key macro and micro considerations, including SWOT
3. target markets selected and corporate/brand position
4. main aspects of your recommended marketing mix strategy, including
o Product/Services strategy
o Pricing strategy
o Channel management
o Promotional (Integrated Marketing Communications) strategy
o the extended marketing mix ...
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