Advertising Campaing for Natural Viagra

Advertising Campaing for Natural Viagra  Essay example
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As the world is moving on a faster pace with the development of technology and sciences,life expectancy of human beings is on the rise compared to the past years. Industrialists of medicine manufacturing have identified the urge of people to enhance their abilities


Our research team has clearly made studies on consumer demands for drug that stimulates the sexual urges and performance ability among the elderly males and indentified their reasons and requirements. With a view to instill confidence among the depressed Australian men, our company is proud to launch the NaV (Natural Viagra) mostly targeting the markets consisting of males of age ranging between 55 and 70. NaV (to be pronounced as ‘Navy’) is the product of a unique formula combining the efforts of doctors and experts in the field of pant sciences. Formulation of a new concentrate from the rarely gifted plants and fruits of the nature is now outstanding with its ability to cure the problems like lack of erection and disability to attain the confident size. Unlike other products of the similar kind, ‘Natural Viagra’ poses no threat of a cardiac arrest. Our enterprise has a favorite note for Australian culture which arranges for the free sex as well as sexuality oriented sports. The magnitude of the industry is much intense in Australia when compared to other countries in the world. Majority of the studies revealed the fear of performance failure caused men to withdraw from sex during their age post 60s. It is therefore noticed that Australia is a wide market for launching this product. ...
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