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Each student will provide the class with an overview of the marketing strategies used by two companies competing for the same cu - Term Paper Example

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Summary Procter and Gamble is an international manufacturer and distributor of consumer products, carrying some of the most popular brands of beauty and grooming, health and well-being, and household care products. It has a flourishing market worldwide, and consistent demand for its product lines enable the company to maintain a relatively consistent sales and profit performance even during the economic crisis…

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Each student will provide the class with an overview of the marketing strategies used by two companies competing for the same cu

P&G’s marketing strategy is to develop distribution channels at the local level, and has correspondingly organized its market development units according to its regional markets. It also aims to develop new product brands and enhance its current brand portfolio. Its core competencies include innovation, brand-building, go-to-market capabilities, scale, and consumer understanding. Among the company’s strengths are its strong R&D focus, market leadership, product portfolio diversification, and strong cash position. However, it has experienced increasing incidences of product recalls, high product prices that have caused a decline in sales volume, and a loss in market share. The company expects to recover, however, by widening its customer base and increasing its worldwide market share by advancing more aggressively into emerging markets. It will realize this goal through three initiatives, namely integration, simplification, and digitization. Eventually, it expects to resume its former positive market growth. Unilever is a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of fast moving consumer goods. Its portfolio includes some of the best known brands in the world, in foods, home care, and personal care. ...
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