Petro-Canada's Total Compensation Strategy and Program

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Petro-Canada's Total Compensation Strategy and Program Thesis Statement: This paper will discuss Petro-Canada’s Total compensation Strategy and program. A deep insight into it for entry level jobs will be discussed here. Also, this paper will highlight the comparison of Petro-Canada’s compensation strategy with other companies coming from the same industry.


So, the creation of petro Canada was a part of his dream of self-sufficient Canada. The creation of the petro Canada goes back to the year 1973 when the world found Arabs having huge reservoirs of oil were badly engaged in the bloody wars and the prices of oil went to the sky (Forster, 1993). The province of Canada, Alberta had plenty of the oil reserves which were controlled by an American corporation. This was the time when the Chinese president and the opposition felt the sheer need of the time of establishing a Canadian corporation which could control major part of the oil trade. The resident wanted the American corporation to spend more amount of the oil supply to Canada and les to be the states of America while the business was going on reverse. So, 1975 was the year of birth of the Canadian corporation petro Canada. This angered the western world (Greene, 2010). The company kept on working as the one of the Canada’ s largest corporation and fulfilling almost 40% of the Canadian domestic and industrial needs. The idea of the petro Canadian as a powerful tool however was not liked by the liberals who were against the establishment of the corporation and wanted to sell it off (IGI, 2009). ...
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