Service Marketing -- Critical Incident Report

Service Marketing -- Critical Incident Report Essay example
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Table of Contents Page Executive Summary 2 Part A. Satisfying Service Incident 3 A.1 Service Incident Description 3 A.1.1 Circumstances leading to incident 3 A.1.2 What occurred during the incident? 4 A.1.3 What made the incident satisfying? 4 A.1.4 What could have been done differently?


9 B.1.3 What made the incident satisfying? 10 B.1.4 What could have been done differently? 10 B.2 Service Incident Analysis 10 B.2.1 Incident Appraisal 10 B.2.1.1 The types of encounter that occurred 11 B.2.1.2 The source(s) of displeasure 11 B.2.1.3 The relevant service quality gap 12 B.2.2 Recommendations 13 References 14 Executive Summary Included in this paper are two service incident descriptions with satisfying and dissatisfying scenarios and two service incident analyses. The point of views are taken from the actual customer experience and in the case of incident analyses were taken from respective theories and marketing concepts. The proponent included service incident description, which involves circumstances leading to incident, the scenario that takes place during the incident, and the information involved that makes the incident satisfying or dissatisfying. Finally, under the service incident analysis includes the incident appraisal and recommendations. The two incidents involved in this paper are regarding McDonald’s and KFC experience of the customer. The point of the proponent is not to create any political or other meaning on this, but to emphasize how poorly some franchises in these food chains could manage their business with customers. ...
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