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Marketing Research Table of Contents: Serial No. Topic Pg. No. 1 Introduction. 2 2 Aim of the study. 2 3 Methodology. 2 4 Summary of Key findings. 4 5 Conclusions. 5 6 Recommendations. 5 7 Appendices. 6 Table of contents of the Appendices: Serial no. Topic Pg.


Scratch Radio is a community and radio station of the student based in Birmingham and was established in 2003 by the students and community in the region of BCU (Birmingham City University). The main objective of the study is to recognize and determine current involvement in Radio Listening amongst BCU undergraduate scholars in the City North campus. It is mainly because there are various competitors for the Scratch Radio as well as it is also very much necessary to identify the thoughts of BCU undergraduate students towards Scratch Radio and its selected competitors. The study includes the questioners’ analysis which will help to identify the current involvement and future development of Scratch Radio. 2) Aim of the Study: Recognize and evaluate current involvement in Radio Listening between BCU undergraduate students on the City North campus. Evaluate the attitudes of BCU undergraduate students towards Scratch Radio and its competitors. 3) Methodology: Thirst for knowledge is the fundamental human condition. Research methodology is the systematic process of exploring knowledge. The research can be conducted in many ways. The methodology of the research is decided in relation to the nature of the study and the type of sample and the data collection. ...
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