The Role of Promotion In Marketing

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The Role of Promotion in Marketing Both Ford Motor Company and Lexus are automobile manufacturers and the promotional strategies they use are similar because their target markets are similar. While Lexus is higher priced and viewed as a luxury car as opposed to Ford’s more median income customers, the essential elements they utilize are much the same.


Sales were up 22% last year, twice as much more than the growth in the automobile industry overall. The strong image of reliability, coupled with national brand identity, Ford has made consumers trust them and thus choose their products over others. Lexus is a higher priced brand and appeals to a more affluent customer. Famous for their luxury sedans they have also introduced SUVs, sports coupes and hybrids into their product line. The Lexus LS was ranked highest in the industry by the Initial Quality Standard study. Beginning with the first introductory year of 1990 until 2011, it has ranked highest in 13 of the last 22 years. Advertising Ford advertises on network TV, in print publications and online. Since 2009, under the direction of Marketing Director, Jim Farley, they have increased advertising spending considerably. The gains were phenomenal. Farley, at first apprehensive because he aspires to bottom-up methods, wasn’t sure how his tactics would fit in with the company. You can see Ford cars advertised on the major networks like CBS, NBC and ABC and in the most popular consumer and news magazines such as Time magazine, Harper’s and Newsweek. Their online advertising efforts are focused on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr with a heavy concentration on mobile marketing. ...
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