Marketing Mix of Fuze Drinks

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Marketing mix of Fuze Drinks Fuze Drinks was established in the US market and soon became popular over there. The product aims to be introduced in the Brazilian market as well. In order to introduce the product in a new market the product needs to undergone the process of marketing mix.


Fuze Drinks sets to establish itself as a flavored beverage. The brand also aims to establish itself as a nutritional ingredient in the market. In Brazil the product should feature with lot more variety and it should try to introduce new flavor so that it may try to satisfy the wide taste and preference of the Brazilians. Generally the product is available in seven base color varieties and it is also available in five slenderize flavor varieties. (DBR staff writer) The product should aim to grab the attention of people of all generation. Generally in Brazil the demand for drinks and beverage is high and the product is expected to do a good amount of business if marketed properly. Place: The next element of the marketing mix is place. In order to make the product popular, the availability of the product should be made abundant. The product should feature in popular areas and in places where there is much more probability of the product to get sold. Efforts should be made so that abundant quantity of the drink is available near schools, colleges, offices, shopping malls, entertainment parks, community halls. The product also needs to be available in local retail stores. Initially the product should be targeted to sell in the urban and the popular areas of Brazil and with increase in popularity, the product should be aimed to be introduced in the rural areas as well. ...
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