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Mercedes Benz.

The growth of this particular car has not only altered the popularity and mechanics of the car. It has also enabled the identity of the company and the brand to build a stronger reputation and to create the necessary components to creating the ideal car for a specific social group. The result is the brand image being able to enhance the growth and strengths of the company while attracting a specific type of consumer to the car. This paper will examine the brand performance of the car as well as how it is continuing to affect the performance of the company.
Overview of Mercedes Benz
The Mercedes Benz is often referred to as a luxury car and is noted as an international car that carries style and class. The manufacturer is based in Germany and is noted for making cars, buses, coaches and trucks. The primary company is Daimler AG with the Mercedes Benz being a division of the company, specifically because of the style and make of the car. The first car was built in 1926 by Karl Benz but links back to 1886 with Kent Benz’s first introduction of the automobile. This particular model was combined with the Mercedes, created in 1901 by Wilhelm Maybach, both which were combined and patented in 1926 for the Mercedes Benz model. The first features which were noted included the approach to safety with the model as well as the approach of using the latest technology for the vehicle. ...
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An example of a strong brand image which alters the way in which a company is looked at is the Mercedes Benz. This particular car is noted for its characteristics based on luxury and compatibility for driving. The growth of this particular car has not only altered the popularity and mechanics of the car…
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