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Table of Contents Introduction: 2 Trend Analysis 3 Ratio Analysis: 5 Profitability Ratios: 6 Liquidity Ratios: 7 Capital Structure and Gearing Ratios: 8 Current scenario: 10 Pro-forma Income Statement 11 Pro-forma Balance Sheet: 13 Assumptions 14 External Financing Need (EFN): 14 Sustainable Growth Rate 15 Internal Growth Rate 15 Works Cited 16 Introduction: Emaar Properties PJSC was incorporated in Dubai in 1997.


It was ranked 462nd in the 11th Financial Times Global 500 and was assigned A- and A3 ratings by Standard & Poor and Moody’s Investor services. The company scale of operations is spread internationally in 17 countries namely Syria, Jordan, India, Pakistan, China, US, Canada, UK. The company currently has a market capitalization of AED 15.3 B with 6.1 B shares outstanding. The group is basically divided into three business segments, namely, real estate (develop and sells condominiums, villas, commercial units and plots of land), leasing and related activities (develop, lease and manage malls, retail, commercial and residential space) and hospitality (develop, own and/or manage hotels, service apartments and leisure activities). The group has been witnessing a decline in their key performance indicators in the past five years but FY 2010 turned out to be prosperous as the profitability has grown to a respectable state as compared to the last two years. They are ranked just above average in the industry but the future prospects look bright as UAE has started to recover from the massacre of recession. ...
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